Lithe Κάλτσες Endurance MINT EYER TIGER


Παράδοση σε 1 - 3 μέρες

2017: we released a sock with an illustration of a lion in yellow colors covering the front of the sock, no brand had done it before.

2018: we released a design with the portrait of a gorilla in black and white covering the front of the sock. We complete the collection with a tiger, an eagle and a lion.

2019: several brands, from Spain, Europe and America imitated what we had done in 2017 and 2018. Some brands bothering to, at least, give it their touch. Others simply copying the idea, even choosing the same animals.

2020: To launch our ENDURANCE line of socks we re-invented our classics with an ink-spattered illustration. We start with the tiger for request of our clients. Dear competitors, here is something new, just in case you need ideas for 2022.

We show the teeth when they need to be shown, like the tiger in the illustration. The Mint Eye collection begins, what will be the next animal?

Unisex socks (men and women) for endurance sports such as cycling, running, trail running or triathlon.

Designed by athletes for athletes, tested in races and long distance routes, breathable guaranteeing maximum comfort.

Durable, semi-compressive and quick-drying sock.

Always with 10% more style than other brands.

Materials: Coolmax, elastane and elastic.

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